Dear Father Consolmagno, SJ

If other beings in the Universe are created in the image and likeness of God (endowed with free will and self-aware intelligence as individuals capable of recognizing and establishing a loving relationship with other self-aware individuals) they would be sufficiently “US” even if the biological make-up is different. They would also be capable of making mistakes, erring or committing sins thus distancing themselves from God’s grace.

If we are to officially discover or confirm the existence of beings like those several theologically related questions arise.

The idea of “Image and likeness” interpreted under the Substantive View might extoll that earth humans and extraterrestrials possessing free will and self-awareness and that both could have souls sustained by God, dependent upon God and enlivened by God thus reflecting (but never being) His essence. A being’s deepest soul aspect would be in the image and likeness of God.

“Image and likeness” under the relational interpretation would mean that both Earth humans and extraterrestrials would possess the capacity to reason, to understand the patterns which the Logos provides and through which God creates. This understanding would also bring us out of individualistic isolation and make relationships possible.

“Image and Likeness” of being like the ones described above would under the Functional Interpretation be able to participate in a co-creative way in any level of creation they can interact with. Those with the category of fully “human” (terrestrial or not) might have the highest capacities to function like this.

If extraterrestrial beings have the aforementioned qualities they should be entitled to the rights and respect that inspired the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the U.S. Constitution....”All men (humans) are created equal (in essence).

As brother Consolmagno suggests in his lecture at at Leeds Trinity University being able to love, share, be reciprocated in love and sharing and friendship; if we are willing to suffer and die for an “alien” this could well mean that we are both members of the Kingdom of God. I think this concept is an important point but I have a point to elucidate: 1) Let’s replace the word “ALIEN” with “extraterrestrial” which is more conducive to establishing these kinds of relationships. “Alien” reminds us of “alienation,” someone or something utterly different and has been a word that has served to exclude rather than to include as LOVE does (also according to brother Consolmagno).

Dear brother Consolmagno: I have been studying cases of alleged contacts with extraterrestrial beings for 40 years (since 1974) and I’m currently an Advisory Board Member of the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (F.R.E.E.) and also for the Exopolitics Institute founded by Dr. Michael E. Salla, PhD Within F.R.E.E. I’m in communication with Dr. Rudy Schild of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, who is also an Advisory Board Member of FREE.

I was born in Lima, Peru, I’m a baptized, a practicing Catholic with a keen interest in science and metaphysics and in Perú. I, together with others, witnessed a brilliantly lit lenticular object and a bell-shaped metallic looking craft that silently hovered. Both were about 300 feet away. I’m also a Georgetown alumnus with a BA in Sociology. Currently, I’m also a civilian advisor to the Peruvian Air Force. I’m interested in astronomy and also in the possibility of extraterrestrial encounters from a theological point of view. I also have several credible, mentally balanced and responsible friends that claim to have boarded some of the craft conducted by an association of benevolent, respectful intelligent extraterrestrial beings.

When Monsignor Corrado Balducci publicly mentioned that there was a time in which excessively doubting sincere witness testimonies (even in relation to people claiming to have contacted extraterrestrials) was beyond what human prudence dictates he admitted to the possibility of extraterrestrials already somehow interacting with us on Earth. He also reminded us that Christianity was based on testimonies and that since “nature doesn’t make jumps” (natura non faci saltus) there could be a place for beings placed between physical humans and incorporeal angels. That is also an important idea since many of the contactees and experiencers (either of abductions or truly respectful contacts) often describe extraterrestrials not necessarily as morally superior but as physically existing in subtler physical states/universes perhaps closer to non- corporeality.

Mons. Balducci stated that at the center of creation is Christ and I agree. But not all beings less imprisoned in physicality are necessarily closer to God and a life without sin. They may be subjected not just to matter (in whatever degree of density it may express) but also to contingency and to relativity in ways that distance them from God’s grace. In this sense there could have been a “Fall” that affected all of creation in one way or another besides Earth humanity. And some extraterrestrial beings may have chosen to distance themselves even more from God and from a benevolent Plan interpreted in a Christian way while others (also according to more believable witnesses providing degrees of evidence and objective verification) who may have committed mistakes in our human past are now promoting our redemption.

Under an extended meaning of “angels” some extraterrestrial beings (sometimes confused with completely non corporeal angels) could also be considered as “angels” in the sense of “messengers” or a “papal nunzio” or even a good man or woman doing a good deed for others and for God’s Kingdom. According to coherent information reflected upon for 40 years inside a contactee group originating in Perú (originally called Misión Rahma) some of these angels of the ‘extraterrestrial’ variety could be aligned with non-corporeal fallen angels against Man to bring our downfall and the failure of a unique kind of redemption Plan that involves several seeding extraterrestrial civilizations. Some other extraterrestrials seem to be aligned with the angels of the Lord and it would be more spiritually and politically convenient to establish voluntary open contacts with the latter even if they are generally unwilling to give us all the answers generating a co-dependency. This latter (vast) association of extraterrestrials are less heard about in the news which (due to numerous cases in the U.S. and a few other places) excessively focus on abductions, “gray” hierarchies, praying mantises, aggressive reptilians types and the like. These are important matters for all of us to know since within a complex balance of power there seem to be crucial differences among different alleged extraterrestrial “visitors.” Some may want to replace our humanity biologically while conducting hybridization experiments with our species because our ignorance and destructive tendencies are giving them the right and because they are severely atrophied and feel like taking from us what they need. Others (also working with spiritual masters inspired by service to all in a Christ-like way) would attempt to protect us as much as allowed and also to inspire greater unity and an ethical awakening in humanity for LOVE’s sake.

Today Mission Rahma may or may not be called as such. It has no specific leader and – in spite of social human tendencies – there’s an attempt to decentralize leadership. Thus, it is not a “cult” although, due to the use of some spiritual and religious terms, it may seem like that to some intellectuals. In this group there are several contactees and there’s good friendship and a sense of healthy responsibility that animates most. It is not about “seeing UFOs” but about working with some kind varieties of extraterrestrial entities and spiritual masters associated with them. It is not about abduction, grays or secret technologies. It is about practical service and going to specific places on Earth to thread them? or connect them through specific collective visualization exercises and intention.

But 40 years in this research has led me to conclude that there is a variety of beings with different histories, psychic-biological tendencies, needs, ethics and technological levels. Some are benevolent and some are malevolent but the tendency to think in dichotomous ways leads many researchers into these issues to limit their interest or be fascinated by a partial aspect or to interpret things generalizing from an extreme, non-integrative position. For instance, some important researchers like Steven Greer (of The Disclosure Project) basically asserts that all ET interventions are benevolent and that it is only our human xenophobia that condemns and misinterpret them. He is incorrect: Terrified children have been abducted and operated upon without anesthesia in some accounts. However, he is partially correct in stating that human xenophobia also often generalizes indiscriminately and, yes, there are some groups that condemn all extraterrestrials as evil and deceivers. But there have often been healings and a new found awakening to mysteries, psychic phenomena, scientific issues and spirituality, sometimes as a reaction of the human spirit to hardship while simultaneously being exposed to vaster realities and sometimes due to peaceful, harmonizing encounters while also being exposed to vaster realities.

Returning to theological themes: Does the “Jesus event” apply only to redemption on Earth or to the entire Cosmos (or perhaps Multiverse)? Can there be other redemption events with other equivalent Jesuses applicable to other (human-looking or not) “humanities” elsewhere? Other ways the Logos-Christ may redeem them? Can all these other ways relate with each other as one event in a spiritual, transcendental sense and in each of these redeeming events there’s a true “son of Man” and a true “Son of God?”

After reading some of the works by Basarab Nicolescu on “transdiciplinarity” I sense that we will have to develop a Trans metaphysical (and trans theological?) understanding to expand our interpretation of Catholicism into a more adequate UNIVERSAL religion capable of being at the vanguard of a world in which discovery or Disclosure of an intelligent extraterrestrial presence has taken place. I also think that studying rational, integrative metaphysicians like Fritjoff Schuon, vying for the essential non-dual and “principial” unity beneath the main religions would be of great help.

I think that under an Integrative, mystical, esoteric, “principial” study the Trinity can be seen differently and complementary understood in other theistic and also contemplative non dual religious traditions. Perhaps we’ll find that it is known as a universal cosmic truth among space time-faring civilizations?

Is there a Universal “Catholic” Church hierarchy in creation including and transcending what is happening on Earth? I think so as some of my contactee friends (Luis Fernando Mostajo, Sixto Paz Wells, Alonso Calderón, Ricardo González and perhaps Enrique Villanueva) have also physically met spiritual masters of a previous human-extraterrestrial civilization concurrently with their contacts with extraterrestrial beings. These spiritual masters would participate in a cosmic spiritual hierarchy and currently represent Earth humanity before cosmic councils until we develop our ethics, level of consciousness and responsibility. My view is that also earthly saints and initiates (from Roman Catholic and non-Roman Catholic traditions) also participate in this gathering of souls at the service of God’s Plan. According to my contactee friends, these spiritual masters (which reminds me of the mysterious “Melchizedec” in the Old Testament, Pentateuch or Tanak) do express a sweetness and feeling about them contrasting with the more matter of fact (albeit beneficent/benevolent) extraterrestrials associated with them.

According to the cosmic history told to some of my contactee friends (a history to which humanity would be intimately related) the respectful-protective-benevolent varieties of extraterrestrials evolved up to a point in which they became stagnant. They are positively oriented but allegedly became stagnant by excessively relying on a mental approach (perhaps a form of “hubris” and a form of “fall”) relying on the Mind to solve all their problems. This would have taken place before human life on Earth. Unlike some of the negatively-oriented (service to self) abducting gray varieties they have more developed feelings and humor but nonetheless still lack the subtleties and depth of feeling and capacity to LOVE which Earth humans have. For this reason they want to learn from us, protect and inspire us to fulfill our highest potentials. For this reason (although the original human soul pattern is from God) allegedly 32 of the most evolved civilizations contributed their genes and subtle spiritual energies in the hope that one day we would show them how to reach higher levels than the mind, all the way into the heart of God. We would have a greater potential creative capacity than any one of the 32 species by themselves. Some extraterrestrial beings would agree on this Plan and some would oppose and all kinds of mistakes and conflicts would have occurred in our unknown history, including the temporary, artificial disconnection of our genetic endowment. We would need to be able to forgive after finding out what exactly took place. Jesus forgiving humanity at the cross for not knowing what it was doing after the Christ force allegedly temporarily left him (according to an interpretation by Sixto Paz) is considered to be the supreme moment for the Son of Man.

These extraterrestrials contacted (first in Perú and then in other countries) generally speaking have a human form. They are normally invisible to our senses as they live in a different space-time density. However, physical contacts and telepathic contacts (not voice channelings) took place and they told my contactee friends that they had committed serious mistakes in our past and, furthermore, that other extraterrestrial civilizations had been lured by a powerful, rebellious entity from the Mental Universe (Lucifer) as agents against the Plan of establishing humanities capable of showing the way how to reach God. Allegedly, there were several planets with Earth-like characteristics that were chosen to nurture civilizations like ours but for various reasons (including meteorite impacts) all were destroyed except ours. Now there’s would be great expectation from many extraterrestrial species races and sub-races related to our unknown history (both those in favor or against of the establishment of Earth humanity). This credibility of this story (and probable history) is supported by a respectful interaction with respectful extraterrestrial beings lasting more than 40 years including clear, collective sightings and individual and collective encounters (including physical, teleporting, holographic and visionary encounters within “Xendras” or artificially generated inter dimensional light concentrations visibly seen on the ground). This encounters sometimes took place after date, place and time were given in advance. and mVws-g/s1600/Imagen77.png

Most supporters and participants in these idealistic, friendly (yet discipline-based) contact efforts and world-wide expeditions (the most recent one to Altai Himalaya) have been simple, not terribly intellectual, well-intended, Latin American persons with Catholic-esoteric leanings from various Latin American countries. All of this is easy to dismiss offhand and be confused with typical UFO sects but it’s much healthier than that, can be verified and deserves serious attention and verification from well-intended cultural leaders. These people’s hearts and idealism allows them to interact and to act as planetary representatives. However, theirs is a suitable physical, mental and spiritual preparation; a series of initiations and practices for those wanting to experience greater levels of contact. This is due to the fact that the physical energies of these extraterrestrials normally “vibrates” on a higher frequency where for instance more information units can be compressed than in our regular denser space-time. This allows them greater degrees of freedom but still are physical beings with physical constraints. Therefore, “they” have to lower their energetic state and we have to raise ours to meet in-between. Basically, the space-time portals of visible light (Xendras) act like bridges to allow this contact. Sometimes the contactee adds of his or her own during the interpretation phase but generally speaking the messages have been well transmitted.

In some recent developments in 2013 Dr. Michael E. Salla (former peace studies and political science Professor at American University) was invited to a “programmed sighting” in which our extraterrestrial brethren (it’s a good reasonable term) announce one month in advance that they would show up in the Mt. Shasta area. That was also announced on Argentinian TV by my intelligent, objective and serious contactee friend Ricardo Gonzalez and it did happen as expected. I was there too. These benevolent (albeit seriously mental) types of ET have always extolled Jesus Christ and try to follow his advice as per how to intervene on Earth. I think that they understand him as a universal master/one with God-the Logos.

While all sentient beings with intelligent self-awareness and freedom of choice can essentially be considered our brethren, there may be positively-oriented ones and negatively oriented ones and the Christian way would be to find a way to assist them all. However, if we persist in denial about these issues those that do not consider us like a promising species will still try to harvest our genetic endowment, fabricate hybrid bodies for their souls and probably try to replace us. Trying to gain some time to study and retro engineer their technologies while keeping the population in the dark may in fact be counterproductive and attract these kinds of beings even more. We need a spiritual awakening in order to gain respect from all ET groups covertly intervening and as I mentioned before, we should try to interact more directly with those that believe in us and protect us from the excesses of the others.

Regarding the pictures I’m sharing with you they are allegedly of a meteorite fragment that was picked up by one of my contactee friends (Sixto Paz Wells) in “Zona del Silencio”, Mexico after he was telepathically guided to witness a beam of light projected by a space craft. At the place where the beam hit the ground he found the meteorite and it allegedly has a fossil within. It is not Moldavite. If authentic it would give evidence that PANSPERMIA can indeed take place. Since you are an expert curator of the Pope’s meteorite collection I thought 1) you could be interested and 2) determine if it might be authentic. I suppose that Sixto wouldn’t mind showing it to you in person if there was an opportunity.

As you can probably sense, I’m sincerely telling you about genuine contact events that do not follow the conventional academic recognition but which -in my sincere view- are actually happening. This is important for humanity and the Church as you can tell. I do communicate with you sincerely desiring to inform and collaborate in scientific, academic, theological, philosophical research, and in the development of a wiser, more expansive knowledge-based humanity. I do not think that churches will crumble with the discovery of extraterrestrial life. According to serious studies (like Ted Peters Survey found at ) most (perhaps unless too fundamentalist) they can not only survive but thrive as a greater Glory of God will be validated by this discovery pertaining to the natural world. As you said in your lecture at Trinity University science doesn’t have to contradict faith.

Count with my assistance and with my contactee friends’ assistance. It is time not only for simple, open-minded, idealist, heart-wise, but (normally) non-intellectual Latin Americans to know what is happening about these particular types of wonderful contact experiences. It is also time for all serious, respectful and well-meaning researchers, cultural leaders, theologians and intellectuals to come together and find out. The possibility of attending a visible appearance (materialization) of the friend’s space craft exists. These space brethren can also be called quite simply “friends” and they do not want to generate co-dependencies or to solve all our problems, but it is high time to start a gradual, conscious, intelligent conversation with them.

About the meteorite, you can contact Sixto Paz Wells through

In all sincerity and God bless us,

Giorgio Piacenza 786-252-5499

PS. I will be travelling to DC to attend the September 18-19 Symposium hoping to meet you in person.