Below are some highlights of initial articles that are currently featured in the Science and Physics section.  All of these articles are written in a non-technical format for the lay reader.  This is a starter collection, deliberately geared toward introducing the general reader to the Quantum Hologram Theory, its applicability to paranormal studies, and to the general context surrounding emerging new paradigms in physics. These initial articles represent a blend of ideas spanning contemporary quantum physics, theoretical physics, mysticism and current scientific thinking out on the edge.  As additional scientists join FREE, we plan to showcase more technically oriented and peer-reviewed submissions specifically aimed at fostering rigorous scientific debate.

Welcome to the conversation.

Links to articles written by FREE Advisory Board members and friends of FREE.

Consciousness, the Brain, and Quantum Physics by Bob Davis, PhD

Discovering the Nature of Reality by Dr. Joe Lewels

Modern Miracles and The Quantumby  Hologram by Dr. Rudy Schild

Nature's Mind: The Quantum Hologram by Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D.

The Quantum Hologram And the Nature of Consciousness by Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D.

About the Continuity of Consciousness by Pim van Lommel, MD

A Dyadic Model of Consciousness by Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D.

The Extended Mind by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

Consciousness, Quantum Physics, the Zero Point Field and the Quantum Holographic Model by Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D.

A New Perspective on Reality by Ken Wilber

Consciousness in the Universe: Neuroscience, Quantum Space-Time Geometry and Orch OR Theory by Roger Penrose, PhD, OM, FRS, and Stuart Hameroff, MD

Quantum Coherence and Conscious Experience by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

The Synchronized Universe: New Science of the Paranormal by Claude Swanson, PhD

The Fermi Paradox