The following are just a few of the differences between the methodology of the FREE Experiencer Research Study and ALL of the previous “Abduction” statistical studies. Before we proceed, we want to stress that this field needs more academic statistical research in this field of “ET Contact” and not less-- all studies in this field are welcome and needed. All of the previous "Abduction" studies were extremely useful for research on "Abductions" and for this these studies are very important. However, these studies are limited ONLY to "Abductions" and "Abductees." The majority of researchers in this field, including the entire 11 member Board of Directors, including Dr. Edgar Mitchell, one of our Co-Founders, now understand that researching "Abductions" is only one small piece to this complex puzzle titled "UFO related Contact Experience with non human intelligent beings".

Because of the pioneering research undertaken by many previous researchers in this field, we now have some knowledge about "Abductions" but very little data about other very important topics. The bottom line is that the FREE methodology is dramatically different that the methodologies of these other previous studies. The analogy is similar to comparing Apples to Oranges-- they both may be fruit but that is the only comparison. The following are the methodological differences between the FREE Experiencer Research Study and the previous “Abduction” Studies.

1. Academic Researcher Team: All of the other “Abduction” statistical studies have had at best one academic as the author-- some have had no academics. FREE is comprised of 4 retired Ph.D. academic professors (Dr. Jon Klimo, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Rudy Schild and Dr. Bob Davis). We also have the additional assistance from Dr. Edgar Mitchell, one of our Co-Founders, and Dr. Illobrand von Ludwiger, a German physicist who is considered by many Europe’s top Ufology scientific researchers. One of the other Co-Founders of FREE is Dr. Rudy Schild, a retired Ph.D. academic from Harvard who was a close colleague of Dr. John Mack, and who has worked with Experiencers for over 25 years as a founding member of the John Mack Institute. We also have 5 of the top non academic researchers in this field (Mary Rodwell, Kathleen Marden, Giorgio Piacenza, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and Rey Hernandez)-- each of them having investigated thousand of cases, most over a 30 year period. We also have several academics and volunteer professionals assisting us in our study and several professionals that are thoroughly knowledgeable on advanced statistical analysis. Our FREE Research Study is thus a collaborative effort among a large group of retired academic professors and non academics that make up our 11 member Board of Directors while the other studies were primarily authored by one individual.

2. “Abductees” vs. All Types of UFO Related Contact Experiencers: This factor, in our opinion, is the biggest difference between the FREE research study and all of the past statistical research in this field. All of the previous research studies in this area have focused on "Abductions" (individuals that have been taken and relocated to another location by these “ETs”). The FREE Experiencer Research Study, however, is focused on “Individuals that have had any type of contact experience, with non human intelligent beings, that is related to the sighting of a UFO, either before or after the contact experience”-- those reporting an abduction and those that have not. FREE has discovered that the vast majority of individuals having UFO related Contact with a non human intelligent being are in fact NOT “Abductees”-- they have never had an “Abduction”. We now have the statistical data to demonstrate this fact. Thus, all previous and current studies on “Abductees” are missing the most significant percentage of individuals having UFO related “ET Contact Experiences”.

3. The Size of the Sample Pool: Almost all of the previous “Abduction” studies have had anywhere from 50 to 100 individuals responding to their survey-- again, all of them being “Abductees”. The FREE Research Study, however, has as of December 1, 2015, received over 2,500 responses to our English and Spanish surveys from Experiencers of UFO related “ET” contact. In English alone we have received over 2,000 responses to our Phase 1 survey. There is a big difference between 50 and 2,500 responses to a survey.

4. The Difference in Publicity and Outreach: This is yet another major factor . The very few previous statistical research studies and small surveys in this field have focused solely on self-described “Abductees” that were previously identified by Ufology organizations. There was minimal publicity to undertake their surveys outside of Ufology organizations or “Abduction Researchers”. In contrast, our FREE research study sought out diverse possible candidates by circulating information about FREE's research study to a wide diversity of organizations. The following is just a small sample of just how far and diverse we threw out our “fishing net”. We sent an announcement of our research study to the following:

a. We sent emails to a list of over 2,500 individuals and organizations who self registered with our FREE website.

b. Every month, starting in September of 2014, the date that we started to publicize our FREE research study, we posted our survey announcement to over 500 Facebook sites focusing on the following areas: Ufology, all MUFON groups, Abductions, Paranormal, Parapsychology, Exopolitics, Consciousness, ETs/Aliens, Hybrids, Ancient Aliens, New Age Groups, CE5 Groups, etc, etc. This list is available upon request.

c. We sent emails to all the State and International directors and administrators of MUFON, a list containing approximately 100 MUFON names and emails.

d. We also sent emails on our FREE research study to all of the known Ufology, Abduction and Experiencer organizations worldwide and to the top researchers and authors in these fields-- you name the researcher or author and they in fact were emailed information about our study. Again, this email was not just focused on the field of Ufology and Abduction Research but to all researchers in various topic areas: Ufology, all MUFON groups, Abductions, Paranormal, Parapsychology, Exopolitics, Consciousness, ETs/Aliens, Hybrids, Ancient Aliens, New Age Groups, CE5 Groups, etc, etc.

e. We also sent emails to over 100 radio stations and radio shows in the English language, informing them about our survey and our study. For example, a FREE representative has appeared on various MUFON radio programs, on Coast to Coast, on the Joe Montaldo Show, various shows on KGRA radio, Dark Matter Radio, and various Paranormal radio shows, etc. With each radio host, the FREE representative was able to publicize our FREE Experiencer Research Study.

In summary, no one has attempted this diversity of public dissemination for an academic research study in this field. Unlike all of the previous research studies who have focused solely on “Abductions”, our public outreach was focused on informing as many individuals, organizations, researchers, authors, radio stations and websites that might have knowledge of the diversity of Experiencers of UFO related “ET” Contact-- those that have had "Abductions" and those that have not, which by far are the majority.

5. 600 Questions vs. 50 Questions: Yet another major methodological difference between the FREE research study and all previous statistical studies in this field is that the FREE study also has over 600 questions while the vast majority of these other “studies” have had less than 100 questions-- most in fact have had only 50 questions. Once again, there is a big difference between 600 questions vs. 50 questions.

6. Diversity of Topic Area Survey Questions: Most of these previous studies, as stated previously have focused on “Abduction” related questions. The FREE research study, however, will explore areas that have NEVER been statistically explored in this arena. Our FREE Experiencer Study has 6 major topic areas for exploration and each area has sub-areas. Here are the topic areas:

a. Family History of Contact
b. Contact Experience
1. Contact with an “ET” but the ET was not physically present
2. Contact with an ET in a 3-D Physical Reality
a. Location was perceived to be on Earth
b. Location was in a perceived UFO craft
c. Location was in some other location (not earth or craft)
3. Contact with an “ET” but in a Multi-Dimensional “Matrix” Reality
4. Psychic or Parapsychological Contact Experiences
c. Nature of the ETs
d. Information Received by these “ETs”
e. The Physical Experiences resulting from this “ET” Contact
f. Psychological Aspects of the Contact Experience
1. Psychological Profile BEFORE your initial Contact Experience
2. Psychological aspects DURING your Contact Experience
3. How have you been TRANSFOMED AFTER these experiences

7. Interviews and Written Open Ended Questions: Almost ALL statistical studies have not followed up their statistical surveys with in-depth Written Open-Ended Questions and then to follow this up with lengthy structured recorded Interviews. On January 1, 2016, FREE will be sending out requests for Written Responses to 60 Open-Ended Questions to the more than 1,200 individuals that completed both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 surveys. Finally, based on a review of their entire case profile, our Research Committee will select a sample of our more prolific cases, for example, the top 300 cases, to conduct extensive formal structured interviews. The Interviews are expected to begin by July of 2016.

8. Conscious Memory vs. Memory from Hypnotic Regression: FREE requested, in both of our 2 surveys, for responders to answer questions based solely on Conscious Explicit Memory. We specifically informed the participants NOT to answer these questions based upon memories from hypnotic regressions, from lucid dreaming, mystical meditation experiences, channeling, etc. Almost all of the previous statistical studies on "Abductions" have included and allowed memories from hypnotic regressions, lucid dreams, meditations, channeling, etc. FREE will ask, during our request for written responses to open-ended questions and in our formal interviews, whether any of their experiences were derived from Hypnotic Regressions, Lucid Dreaming, Mystical Meditation, Channeling, Remote Viewing, etc, but these types of memories will be applied to our written open-ended questions and Interviews and NOT applied to our surveys. In addition, the participant is aced to select for each of their experiences the specific source for this memory recall to determine whether it was recall from conscious explicit memory or another method. This is, once again, yet another major methodological difference that will provide different outcomes.

9. Multi-languages vs. English Only: FREE's survey is being conducted in
English, Spanish and we are translating our surveys into French, German, Russian, and Portuguese and other languages permitting. All other previous surveys on “Abductees” have been conducted only in the English language. FREE, for the first time, will have comparative cross cultural and cross language data in the arena of “ET” contact.

As you can see, there are major methodological differences between the FREE Experiencer Research Study and the few previous statistical surveys on “Abductions” as demonstrated in the above referenced 9 categories. Again, there is very little research in this field and any and all research is very important but there are indeed many methodological differences.

Rey Hernandez, J.D., M.C.P., Ph.D. Candidate at UC Berkeley
The Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE)