FREE Education Support Programs

FREE has been established to provide a working environment for scientists, lay investigators, and first-hand experiencers of non-human contact to enter into collaboration and to foster ongoing conversation addressing some of the most profound, but often unacknowledged mysteries that confront human society today.  FREE seeks to inform the public about the diverse and complex nature of anomalous contact experience, and to illuminate those aspects not commonly discussed within mainstream ufology. We make that information available online, in print, via multimedia presentations and public gatherings.

To this effort, FREE has established the following Education Programs:

1)  FREE Website:  Our FREE Website that is currently under development, will have many articles on numerous topics: What is Consciousness, The Physics of Consciousness, Contact Modalities and Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Experiencer Stories, Theories on the ET Mission, Contacting UFO Crafts, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Shamanic Journeys, Remote Viewing,  Mystical Meditation Contact, Channeling, Communications with UFO Crafts, What are Orbs, Parapsychology and PSI, Experiencer Research, Experiencer Support and Experiencer Stories.  If you would like to publish an article or a chapter of a book you have written, please send us a copy of the article or chapter with your contact information to our email:

2)  Out of the Closet Experiencer Videos:  FREE will be assembling a new program where Experiencers can record a 10 minute video of their experiences and send them to FREE where they will be published in our website.  What would be the impact if thousands of Experiencers from all sectors of society (Doctors, Lawyers, Academics, Firemen, Police Officers, Housewives, Factory Workers, Business owners, etc) post a short 10 minute video where they identify who they are, where they live and a brief description of their ET Contact Experiences?  The result will be to encourage other Experiencers to “Come Out of the Closet”.  Our objective is to have thousands of these videos that will eventually encourage humanity to realize the validity of this phenomenon.  These videos, and instructions on how to complete and send them to FREE, will be placed in our future website:

3) Educational Workshop Roundtable Videos: FREE will undertake live bi-monthly videos that will be recorded live and then placed on our FREE website.  The format will be a “roundtable" format, comprised of 3-4 academic professors and researchers, who will conduct a debate on a diversity of topic areas.   Examples of such topics can be:  What is Consciousness?; What is the ET Agenda?; Are these Entities Negative or Positive?; Is a Hybridization of Humanity Taking Place?; Are these Entities involved in a Spiritual Transformation of Humanity?”; Are “Abductions” the only form of ET Contact?, etc, etc.  Every 2 months we will have a different topic.  These Bi-Monthly Educational Workshop Rountable Videos will be placed on our future website,

4) International Experiencer Conference: FREE is organizing a worldwide coalition of the major organizations who are working with Experiencers/Contactees/Abductees to initiate a 3 day International Experiencer Conference that will be broadcast “LIVE” via Video Conferencing for a nominal fee to cover our costs.  The Conference is expected to take place in the summer of 2018.  The goal is to have the conference in Orlando, Florida in the summer of 2018 that can be seen live in person and via live video worldwide.  The video feed will be translated into several major languages to promote a worldwide audience. A small fee will be charged for both options.  To volunteer for or learn about the FREE International Experiencer Conference, please send an email to:

5) FREE Presents “Awakening to Contact” TV Show: FREE is in the process of developing a ‘sizzler demo reel', developed by a crew of TV production professionals, for a proposed one hour TV show.  The show’s title shall be “FREE PRESENTS AWAKENING TO CONTACT.”  The title was derived from Mary Rodwell’s (FREE Co-Founder) book titled “Awakening:  How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life.”   The show will involve a new Experiencer each week that has allowed FREE to publicize his/her case.  The objective will be to bring scientific credibility to this phenomenon, with all due respect to the Experiencer who have been ridiculed in almost all previous TV documentaries regarding this phenomenon.  At first, to obtain “credibility” from non believers, we will feature Experiencers that are Doctors, Lawyers, Academics and other “professionals” who will be telling their experiences. We will then bring some of the 5 Physicists associated with FREE to comment on the Physics of ET Contact and “Consciousness.”  The Show will also incorporate comments from many of our FREE Advisory Board members who are the top researchers in this field.  Finally, we will be incorporating the summary data from our FREE Experiencer Research Project.  We plan to complete the “sizzler demo reel” by July of 2015.  The TV show will be a “feedback loop” that will highlight all of the very important projects of FREE and our collaborative organizations (ACERN, Starborn Support, CERO, etc).  It will be similar to the TV program “MUFON presents Hanger 1” where MUFON presents their best cases from MUFON’s files.  In our case, it will be FREE presents our best Experiencer cases but instead our focus will be on the integrity of the Experiencer, presenting the Physics of ET Contact, FREE’s Research Study on ET Contact, and commentary from our FREE Researchers.  FREE will maintain control of the vision of this process and not let a Hollywood executive control and manipulate this show with sensationalist and frightening bullshit to achieve a higher rating. To donate to or learn more about the “AWAKENING TO CONTACT” TV SHOW please send an email to:

6) FREE College Lecture Series: FREE will initiate and promote to all of the major colleges and universities a lecture on our FREE Organization discussing our various programs including our FREE Experiencer Research Project.  FREE will utilize the various members of our Board of Directors to make these presentations.  FREE views our target audience humanity in general instead of the mainstream Ufology field which still is stuck in a narrow shallow pit of approaching the complex and interdisciplinary topics that FREE is promoting from a continued limited rational materialistic mindset.