FREE has 11 academic professors, scientists and researchers undertaking the first ever long term comprehensive ACADEMIC research study on the UFO related Contact Phenomena-- The FREE Experiencer Research Study.  Our research study will focus on individuals who have had any type of UFO related “Contact” with a “Non-Human Intelligent Being”.  The study is being conducted in the following languages:  English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and other languages.  Confidentiality and anonymity are strictly enforced.

No one has ever attempted this type of academic research study.  Our study is comprised of 2 quantitative surveys totaling 600 questions, written responses to 60 open ended questions, and a structured comprehensive interview.  As of December 1, 2015 we have received over 2,500 responses to our surveys.  The objective of our study is, for the first time, to have extensive statistical and cross tabulated data and qualitative data on the phenomena of UFO related Contact. We expect to complete various peer reviewed academic publications and books by the Spring of 2017.   All of our summary data will be made available to the public on our FREE website, EXPERIENCER.ORG

Because the academics in FREE firmly believe that all of the various “Contact Modalties” (ET Contact, NDEs, OBEs, Spirit World Contact, Channeling, Shamanic Journeys, Mystical Meditations, Remote Viewing, etc) are all interrelated under a new and undisclosed “Physics of Consciousness”, quite possibly Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s version of the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness, in the future FREE will be initiating comparative studies among these various “modalities of contact”.  We will begin comparing and contrasting individuals that have had contact experiences with non human intelligence via these diverse modalities of contact.   


FREE is not only focused on cutting edge academic research, we are actively involved in providing a series of support programs for Experiencers of UFO related contact which for many can be very traumatic.  FREE has the following Support Programs:

1)  Peer to Peer Support Program:  An Experiencer can request a “Buddy” to communicate with him/her --  an individual who has had experiences themselves and is considered mentally and emotionally stable by his/her peers within FREE. Since September of 2014, FREE has assisted over 350 Experiencers through our Peer to Peer Support Program.  If you desire a Buddy, please send us an email to: info@experiencer.org

2)  Therapist Support List:  We are now developing a THERAPIST SUPPORT LIST in the following categories:  a) Licensed Mental Health Therapists; b) Regression Therapists; c) Spiritual Support Therapists; d) Local Support Groups.  This list will be categorized by Country/State/City and will be published in our website, http://www.experiencer.org/.

3)  Experiencer Liberation Day:  FREE, and other Experiencer organizations around the world, are collaborating on a social movement for Experiencers to“Come Out of the Closet--  A Liberation Movement for Experiencers”.  We have established a social media platform for this specific event.

4)  Facebook Experiener Support Forum:  FREE has established a Facebook page where Experiencers can freely communicate with each other to share their experiences in an environment where their experiences will not be judged and where they can learn and share from each other.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/FREE.Experiencers/

For a detailed summary of the Support Programs please review the following:  (Link to 4 page Summary)


FREE has been established to provide a working environment for scientists, lay investigators, and first-hand experiencers of non-human contact to enter into collaboration and to foster ongoing conversation between diverse addressing some of the most profound, but often unacknowledged mysteries that confront human society today.  FREE has established the following Education Programs:

1)  FREE Website:  Our FREE Website that is currently under development, http://www.experiencer.org/ If you would like to publish an article or a chapter of a book you have written, please send us a copy of the article or chapter with your contact information and send them to our email.   

2)  Out of the Closet Experiencer Videos:  FREE will be assembling a new program where Experiencers can record a 10 minute video of their experiences and send them to FREE.  The Experiencer will be encouraged to “come out of the closet” and to tell humanity their name, their profession, and where they live and to encourage humanity to realize the validity of this phenomenon.

3.  Educational Workshop Roundtable Videos:  FREE will undertake live bi-monthly videos that will be recorded live and then placed on our FREE website.  The format will be a “roundtable" format, comprised of 3-4 academic professors and researchers, who will conduct a debate on a diversity of topic areas.

4.  International Experiencer Conference:  FREE is organizing a coalition of the major organizations who are working with Experiencers/Contactees/Abductees to initiate a 3 day International Experiencer Conference that will be broadcast “LIVE” via Video Conferencing for a nominal fee to cover our costs.  The Conference is expected to take place in the summer of 2017.

5.  FREE Presents “Awakening to Contact” TV Show:  FREE is in the process of developing a ‘sizzler demo reel', developed by a crew of TV production professionals, for a proposed one hour TV show.  The show’s title shall be “FREE PRESENTS AWAKENING TO CONTACT.”   The show will involve highly credible Experiencers together with our FREE Ph.D. scientists and researchers, and integrating the results from our FREE Experiencer Study, to scientifically educate humanity of this phenomenon without the fear based presentation in most of these Hollywood shows. 

6.  FREE College Lecture Series:  FREE will initiate and promote to all of the major colleges and universities a lecture on our FREE Organization discussing our various programs including our FREE Experiencer Research Project.  FREE will utilize the various members of our Board of Directors to make these presentations.  FREE views our target audience humanity in general instead of the mainstream Ufology field which still is stuck in a narrow shallow pit of approaching the complex and interdisciplinary topics that FREE is promoting from a continued limited rational materialistic mindset.