Consciousness, Quantum Physics, the Zero Point Field and the Quantum Holographic Model

Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D.
FREE Co-Founder and FREE Board of Director

Printed under the authorization of Dr. Edgar Mitchell

How does the dyadic model explain the ubiquitous experience of persons of all cultures who claim to sense nonlocal information (e.g. believe that they have lived past lives, experience  unseen dimensions and entities, and seem capable of influencing matter nonlocally like Uri Geller, Norbu Chen, Sai Baba and others)?  Two seemingly unrelated concepts when taken together appear to offer answers: the concept of holographic information and the zero point field.

We’ve all seen the amazing display of laser technology that can produce three-dimensional images though they are too ephemeral to experience with the touch. In other words, one can see them, but also walk through them. The three dimensional hologram, made with coherent beams focused on a photographic plate, are common in any novelty store. More exotic versions are often projected in museums, stage shows and so forth. Holographic technology is just an exotic extension of the infamous double split experiment, though it uses coherent laser beams to create an interference pattern, which in this case is a holographic image. The interference pattern contains all the information necessary to reconstruct a visual image of the original object. Cut the holographic plate in half, and the image still remains on each half although with slightly reduced resolution. The significant point here is that a large amount of research suggests the brain manages information in a similar fashion.

A hologram analogy is valid, not only for the visual sense, but for all senses as well, it seems. The brain (and every cell of the body) is a quantum device. And every quantum entity has both a local (particle) and a nonlocal (wave) aspect. Prodigious amounts of information can be carried in this holographic manner including – theoretically, the entire space/time history of the learning organism. In other words, the totality of our physical and subjective experience can be thought of as a multimedia hologram resonant with ourselves and the zero-point field. Recent research, to be discussed in subsequent sections of this document, suggest that we, and every physical object, has a resonant holographic image associated with our physical experience. It is called a quantum hologram. One can think of this as a halo, or “light body” made up of tiny quantum emissions from every molecule and cell in the body.

We can observe the resonance of a violin string when a note is struck nearby corresponding to its natural frequency, or when a vocalist shatters a glass with a strong falsetto. But it’s a bit more difficult to imagine every structure having a hologram and resonating with the underlying infinite unstructured energy of the zero point field. This quantum mechanical type of resonance is an exchange of energy with the zero-point field such that the “phase change” (interference pattern) of quantum emission carries complete information about the history of the system. This phenomenon is called the Berry phase, or geometric phase, of a quantum system and has been experimentally validated.

In other words, one may think of the quantum resonance as carrying the information to create a hologram of the entire experience of an individual, including inner experience. This phenomenon provides a possible explanation for a host of visions, apparitions and encounters with other “beings”. It also can explain Karl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious and the reason why archetypal symbols recur in dreams, regression therapy, and shamanistic rituals, plus many other nonlocal events. The works of Peter Marcer and Walter Shempp, and reported in numerous papers, supports the belief that virtually all so called psychic events can be mathematically mapped as quantum exchanges in the brain between the zero-point field and macro-world objects.

Many scientists believe that the brain is too hot to support quantum processes, but that view is rapidly giving way to evidence that not only is the brain/body a quantum device, operating below the level of classical processes, but the brain is physical proof of a biological quantum computer.

As described elsewhere in this web site, the quantum hologram was discovered and experimentally validated by Professor Walter Shempp in Germany while working on improvements to magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology. He discovered that the well known phenomenon of emission/reabsorption of energy by all physical objects at the quantum level carries information about the history of that physical object. The mathematical formalism used by Shempp is the same formalism used in holography, thus the name quantum hologram (QH). Similar to interference patterns in laser holography, the information is carried in the phase relationships of the emitted quanta. An additional important property o the QH is that it is nonlocal, meaning that it is not located in space/time, but carries the information instantaneously and everywhere.

The quantum hologram is the first energy phenomenon that directly links all macro-scale matter with the quantum world. For most of the last century, quantum nonlocality was considered a vexing artifact of particle interactions, but with no application to the macro scale world. Nonlocal information was not considered useable. Further it has brought science uncomfortably close to the forbidden real of mysticism. The last 10 years however, witnessed a major new interest in the area of quantum computation and non local quantum effects, particularly in Europe, where significant advances have been made. It is now clear that in the proper circumstances  that quantum information is both available and useable. The real issues which must now be resolved in order to better map these fascinating discoveries pertain to 1) the structure of the zero point field that fills all space and supports all matter, 2) the precise mechanism for non local resonance which permits remote matter to share information in this way.

Given what is now known, certain research in progress, and with well informed speculation as to what will be verified in the near future, I suggest that the common experiences can be understood by means of the quantum hologram and related quantum phenomena:

  • Nonlocal intuitive  feelings about, people, events and objects
  • All forms of psychic information (a form of intuition),
  • The therapy of past life regression and with it, the popular belief in reincarnation
  • The basic nature of our conscious experiences

In the dyadic model, no experience (information) is ever lost, but is carried forward in the quantum hologram that resides in the zero-point field. It seems that nature never forgets anything that it has ever learned or experienced