Can contactees contribute to science or science to contacteeism? It is 2014. The answer to that will depend on relaxing many psychological, ideological and social prejudices. For various reasons (including, personal, social and economic interests), there’s a growing abundance of serious (and not so serious) broadcasted documentaries on extraterrestrial life. They are based on conventional and unconventional perspectives. The former sell the expectation of an eventual intelligent extraterrestrial contact mostly through slow technological means and the latter clearly suggest it may be happening now through a form of extraterrestrial high technology, which includes mental, psychic, spiritual and-or advanced spacetime-reality manipulating means.

Can both perspectives (the skeptical-materialist-scientific and the spiritualist-contact-convinced-open minded) converge if repeatable empirical evidence can be produced with the help of a few, carefully chosen, bona fide contactees? Can we move into a more proactive, experimental stage blending scientific verification means and the mental-psychic-social physical contactee means of interacting with intelligences associated with the seriously “unexplained” aspects of the UFO phenomenon? YES, I think so after observing and considering the situation carefully for some years and noting that - on occasions - some degree of collectively verifiable interactions have taken place.
It is not so much a matter of possibility but of overcoming prejudices, social fears, fear of the unknown, conflicting social mechanisms and egocentrism. It will require some growing up on the part of scientists and contactees to leave behind mutually trivializing attitudes which often dismiss each other’s relevance, methods and findings. Empirical results are possible and the implications for us all are vast.

The Context

First of all, we seem to be dealing with a phenomenon that bridges the gap between purely physical-naturalistic and the purely psychic-social experiences and explanations of reality. This means that we need a new integrative approach bringing together the qualitative-subjective and the quantitative-materialist. However, to begin dealing with this adequately, first the very term “extraterrestrial” must become legitimate and important in the minds, premises and imaginations of social actors.

There’s increasing social awareness towards extraterrestrial issues, including the astrobiological approach to extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). Besides the current discovery of thousands of exoplanets, SETI and NASA projects, conventions and other events, there are documentaries in educational channels, either conservatively speaking of possible ETI (probably to be found in a not too distant future) or speaking of actual and-or possibly already discovered extraterrestrials. The latter case is unofficial and basically claimed to be true by a number of individuals and small groups. The rational arguments to dismiss evidence of an ETI presence is mostly on methodological and paradigmatic grounds. The irrational 'arguments' have to do more with fear, social standing, academic politics.

Books on academic cosmology, astrobiology and a growing information about the cosmos in various forms is coming about. Thus, more people are being stimulated to think about “intelligent extraterrestrial life” in one way or another as a legitimate subject, one even necessary for being considered as "up-to-date" incredible intellectual conversations. That in addition to a continuous build-up of accumulating unconventional – yet sometimes scientifically objective – evidence that we are indeed being “visited” by distinct intelligences surpassing our current scientific capacities may come to a head and spark a degree of social demand, even a mandate, from a wider range of public sectors for our authorities and scientists to do something about it (like they incipiently did in the 1950’s and 1960’s) and to tell us – this time more clearly and unequivocally - what is really going on.

The abundance of various degrees of subjective and objective evidence (and combinations thereof) that we are indeed being ‘visited’ is becoming so ubiquitous that it might become impossible – without looking “thick-headed” - to simply dismiss it by "sweeping it under the rug." It can become impossible for modern, materialist thinking persons taking pride in their “education,” “objectivity” and “realism” to hide in good faith from at least this rational and statistical POSSIBILITY while also pretending to be open-minded, well-informed and 'fair'. Under this build-up of social awareness any dramatic UFO phenomenon event may spur enough social interest and turn the possibility of some kind of citizen or government-induced public “disclosure” something feasible.

Considering a wild range of witness testimonies, government documents, whistleblowers, physical traces, likely implants and anomalous aerial object behaviors, we can detect some plausible patterns on the "who is who" among ETI groups and - as social scientists - be able to speculate with some reasonable foundations. Perhaps  certain types of extraterrestrial intelligences (ETI), now for various plausible safety reasons furtively appearing and disappearing (while maintaining both the possibility of mystery and denial alive), ETI either allegedly observing, studying; some abducting, some mentally contacting, involuntarily and voluntarily contacting or clearly contacting and communicating with relatively few individuals may become more disposed to show up (to materialize?) their vehicles more unambiguously and regularly in our particular physical, socially-perceived "reality" Perhaps, many have tried to establish a more open relationship for many years but we haven't allowed them to. Perhaps under the right circumstances some would be willing to work more openly with more respectful individuals to boost a scientifically verifiable type of contacteeism and Ufology.

The Proposal

I think that we can initiate a new stage of research. the new stage must tentatively work with expanded scientific understandings. The interaction between UFOs and alleged extraterrestrial intelligences (or ETIs) in personal or collective psychic events and synchronicities has been suspected or distinguished at least since the beginning of research into the “modern era of UFOs” (basically since 1945-1947 after the first atomic blasts and after the Kenneth Arnold sightings and alleged Roswell spacecraft(s) crash events). This is why a branch of “Ufology” (a field of research that may or may not be correctly considered as a “pseudoscience”) went on to work with contactees, telepaths and experiencers and another went on to work with known classical physical approximations of unconventional objects establishing itself as the “nuts and bolts,” “scientific” branch. Due to some evident results (that were beginning to shift from isolated cases with distant witnesses into collective contacts) official contact progress with friendlier ETI approximating forms of being and operating “in our own human terms” were dismissed as illusory or crank cases. This time we need to verify rather than dismiss so pretentiously. We need to attempt interaction.

The beginnings of friendly, easygoing contact events gave way to a more mysterious and often terrifying branch of contact experiences. However, we may also be more able than what we normally think to decide who to contact and under what circumstances if we establish mutually respectful interactions and - at least temporarily-  non-mechanistic interpretive assumptions. One of these working assumptions promising to develop into a full-blown, theory is the Quantum Hologram. We may be able to nourish a constructive interaction with particularly chosen ETI groups that may prefer to interact with us in a conscious, free-willed manner. If we are willing to adapt our conventional working premises to temporary working premises suitable to empirical, demonstrable interactions we may be able to have an easier time consciously connecting with ETI whose behavior is more amenable to human acceptance.

As visual interactions are gradually verified, followed or accompanied by "semi physical" (for instance in in-between, holographic, projection states and semi-materialized states corresponding to some types of Xendras), also new physical contactees are likely to appear. Besides more information (perhaps even archaeological or historical of our own planet) that could be carefully corroborated, some may be allowed to bring physical samples of unique substances or objects.

Versions of "Reality"

Whether sympathetic to a mechanicist version of science or not, there may be a psychical link between the physical realities from which some of the intelligences behind the UFOs operate and shiftily interact with our everyday, ‘classical’ physical realm. In other words, the physical universe may be composed of various levels displaying different degrees of limitation into external forms, rates of time, information capacity, uncertainty, “density-subtlety,” energy dynamics, ‘nature's constants’ and so on.

The connection between physical levels might occur through a non-physical, information realm encompassing them all and with which we would be able to connect not only mentally but also subconsciously. That connection would be crucial to allow ETI to interact with us. This is why ETI able to reach our planet may not just be "physical" in the sense of having to traverse spatial distances in our universe to furtively interact with us in a detectable, classical physical sense. Besides being 'physical' to each other in their own realm, they might also be “transphysical” or “transdimensional,” not only able to “tunnel” or quantum jump on a large, "macro" scale between sectors of our universe but also among sectors between universes. This is also why the concept of “ETI” would have to expand to be able to include those variables.

Let’s remember that the term “UFO” is an easy-to-use, but often imprecise, acronym pertinent to objects that have not been identified (either through conventional or unconventional means), but if we have enough evidence that some of these objects are used by ETI, we should find a definition that applies to that. If we repeatedly verify in a reasonable way an intelligent interaction with objects connected with ETI, we should better learn to apply another term, such as “ETV” (extraterrestrial vehicle) or such. Understanding these vehicles and the intelligences linked to them may be best done through a lessening of exterior, empirical, “objectivity only” classical scientific strictures. The reason may be that in order for them to function in our reality frame, subjective, probability-modifying, qualitative connections could also be operating.

If the social climate becomes more favorable to the possibility of actual intelligent extraterrestrial life “visiting” Earth (or rather becoming interactive without necessarily moving across spacetime) we may also be able to collectively increase human-ETI interactive probabilities for disclosure by activating what psychiatrist Carl Jung and orientalist philosopher Henry Corbin called the “imaginal world,” a subtle realm reality connected with our subconscious minds propitiating synchronicities and observable events in the, otherwise linearly stable, classical, physical world system.

There are no clear statistics but I have the impression that for every few hundred or so typical abduction accounts (a la Budd Hopkins) there may be one that qualifies as communicative, friendly contact through invitation and respect of conscious choice. They appear to be less common (at least on a conscious level) and due to our minds often being set on thinking of these encounters as truly “alien” and even manipulative or “in ‘their’ terms,” these seem to be too nice or too ideal to be believed. Then, there are varieties of reported encounters that allegedly lie in-between typical “gray being” abductions and contactee encounters. These may generally still seem “scientific” on the part of extraterrestrials but also on occasions “accidental” encounters have been reported. A few, very few, seem to be outright violent, as noted with the “chupa chupa” case investigated in Brazil by “Operation Saucer.” However, generally speaking – even with benevolent, “space brother” contactee cases – it is “them” (the particular extraterrestrial group involved) who generally decide how to initiate contact and who to initiate contact with. However, we could make ourselves accessible and send telepathic invitations willing to nurture mutually respectful relationships for them to take notice and decide to interact.

Generally speaking, I get the impression that we still are too primitive, emotionally unstable, attached to a simplistic, dichotomous, egotistical-defensive views of reality, instinctively attracted to win-lose situations, and unpredictable. The difference among ETI would be that some extraterrestrial groups and their associates still think that we can “catch up” and evolve through a mostly independent, conscious effort and these seem willing to communicate and contact with a few of us more in our terms as respectable entities of equal worth.  Other groups, not knowing what we may become (and observing not only that we are destroying our ecosystems, that we have not obtained a planetary unified status, or observing our recurring, gratuitous violence and our continued attachment to unconsciousness) may have the 'right' (or been given the right) to take advantage of us, for instance by hybridizing with us for their own benefit (and partially for ours, if part of our make-up connects with a space-faring species). That would be one possible path for humanity already underway and occurring in a semi-covert manner although the path of rising up to our finest potentials may also be under way at least in connection with some individuals and groups and with more benign forms of VOLUNTARY contact in which fear is overcome and important liberating (normally 'spiritual') information is consciously gained. The latter case (of contacts with beings subtly stimulating an awakening of our greatest potentials) would be more convenient for us as a species.

So let us find some bona fide contactees that seem to work with varieties of ETI willing to interact more openly in a mutually respectful manner. In George Adamski’s time few and rarely other witnesses (like Madeleine Rodeffer) were able to see and film the craft. In a similar vein, most of the alleged physical contactees from the 1950’s had experiences almost exclusively reserved to them as it’s been known through their individual testimonies. It seems that when the possibility of making these experiences more collectively verifiable was increasing, the “CONTACTEE ERA” (most likely a window of opportunity in time in North America and England) was questioned to the point of almost coming to a close. It didn’t make much difference even if some pictures (like for instance Paul Villa’s) really looked clear, sharp and outstanding.

However, in Latin America – at least for the last 40 years and especially through the contact effort usually known as “Mision Rahma” - there have been voluntary and at times simultaneously-experienced, collective contacts of various kinds and objective degrees. Some have even been filmed by reporters at a medium (not too far, not too close) distance. While not all contact groups inspired by Mission Rahma and springing in different (mostly Spanish-speaking) countries were careful enough to avoid excesses of enthusiasm and pseudo religious confusion, there also were several moments of objective contact success. In fact,  not only through Sixto Paz Wells but through other contactees and telepaths (a.k.a. “antennas”) related to this contact work and with the agreement of the ETIs involved, specific places, dates and times were given to observe ETI vehicles in advance.  Think of the possibilities. These more conversant contacts - normally occurring after a period of psychological and physiological preparation – have sometimes been physical (meaning on board craft) and sometimes – I would say - “transphysical” in the sense of occurring through visible, inter-reality, domes of light called “xendras.” There have been some pictures taken of ETI vehicles, smaller round, orb-like probes and even of the “xendras.”

Nonetheless, the cultural difference, language, attitude, spiritual-psychic-collective methodology and types of experiences used have been different from what is known, expected and accepted by some Ufologists in the developed north and news of those events (which would be more politically, culturally and scientifically useful for humanity) have gone largely unnoticed. A more scientifistic, utilitarian, cultural world focused on technology and external forms of power in well-defined categories (unable to bridge the gap between qualitative group methods and objective work) resulted in an excessive embrace of the “cold-hearted,” business-like, technical approach to research of human-ETI interactions. My view is that one reality doesn't cancel the other.

The many alleged contact cases with human-looking, conversant and friendly ETI known in the 1950’s (perhaps with beings that generally-speaking were even more compatible with human expectations than the beings now contacted through Mision Rahma which although “benevolent” seem to be somewhat less emotional) were almost forgotten and contacts with other kinds of ETI surged from the 1960’s onwards. For various reasons the tendency in the northern hemisphere was also unable to match the more flexible – even if less analytical - adaptive mindset in some of the best (albeit few), coherent, idealist, Latin American contact groups able to blend spirituality, some degree of intellectual coherence, objectivity and hard work with a natural, easygoing acceptance of the extraterrestrial presence as “elder brothers” or simply…as FRIENDS. Thus, a different contact plan with a different subgroup of ETI was implemented beginning in Latin America in the 1970’s.

While contact procedures in the north became mechanistic, more technological, matter-of-fact, scary, and result-driven from an interventionist starting point, the ones in the Southern Hemisphere became more open to voluntary participation but also at times tending towards psycho-spiritual cultism and over-idealization. However, there’s a growing maturity and a dynamic middle ground can be achieved. In the beginning, mostly due to a non-scientific attitude and to great respect for the “extraterrestrial guides” only in very rare instances people brought along their cameras to try to document the ETI presence. Now, there’s a new interest in using video cameras to document what is happening is beginning to build up in some of the Latin American contact groups and opportunities for a more modern kind of worldwide recognition. Worlds and ways of being in the world are merging.

Ufologists and scientists in the more rigid intellectual north should at least “suspend judgment” as much as possible and go see what is happening in the spirit of genuine scientific exploration and straightforward human sincerity. That is what Michael Salla (political scientist) and Paola Harris (investigative journalist) did through a particular serious contactee as reported in and in my view, that experience can be repeated and improved with the CONSENT of the particular extraterrestrial beings directly associated. Moreover, it should be repeated in a progressive manner with the aim of building genuine, amicable relationships of trust and respect not only with the ETI but learning and respecting the process involved.
According to information gained in more than 40 years through a communication protocol, the particular group of ETI (with whom we typically relate more easily as they are somewhat closer to being human like us) are “benevolent” in that they are protective of us and of our greater potentials and possibilities of finding out who we are. They are particularly interested in our acts of love, caring, compassion, will to overcome adversity, trust, unity and effort. They would work with a form of “overseers” that not only protect Earth from undue interference but from any excesses of other ETI also allowed to interact for hybridization and other purposes. There would exist an overall agreement among various ETI subgroups intervening on Earth according to different possibilities regarding what we may actualize and become. Some would believe in the inherent goodness of our species even more than what we normally believe about ourselves and they would be subtly promoting a self-directed awakening after which we would be able to help them move beyond their own stage of evolution.

Our worldviews, premises and paradigms (now mired in conflicting views, materialism, ideas about enmity, evil, distrust and post-modern relativism) will definitely receive a refreshing influence in order to expand after “first contact” or after a socially impacting form of disclosure is widely acknowledged. However, we would need to learn about the benign forms of contact and offer the ‘whole picture’ as best as we can. We would need to psychologically move beyond the traditional “let’s first consider them as potential enemies” military-like, business-as-usual approach and this shift in view could take place through  gradual voluntary contacts and interactions.

A proven, physically-manifesting, benign ETI presence would help more individuals to move beyond the denial of phenomena which remind us of the fear, taboo and professional ridicule attached to all things ‘otherworldly’ (outside of scientifically-sanctioned astronomy and cosmology) within the feelings, prejudices and ethos of modernity and postmodernity. More inclusive, coherent worldviews capable of explaining the physics, metaphysics and spirituality related to the complex universal community, its purposes, conflicts, agreements would have to be included. These would complement any personal desire for meaning, expansion and change and would have to be developed to accompany that personal desire to change. The development of theory is important. The shift would be gradual and gradually political and cultural leaders would have to join in, care about it and understand.

Definitely, in the public imagination, the word "extraterrestrial" must start acquiring meanings other than those that evoke the “giggle factor,” intimations of con artistry, weakness of mind, useless speculation and Hollywood-alien monster blockbusters. For gracious sake, there also is reasonable evidence that we can interact with ETI in a mutually respectful, benevolent manner and most of us ignore it or prefer to ignore it! Through a more personal and direct, communicative interaction we could try to find out more who’s who among extraterrestrial ‘races’. Through this variety of contacteeism rapport, feelings of friendship and an attitude of mutual protection and support can be nourished and this in itself would be a boost to receive more useful exopolitical information.

We could break away from our cultural provincialism, find out about our potentials and seriously create in the long run a unified human species on this planet. simply looking at past behavior and at a pessimistic view of "human nature" what lies ahead would be worse. The remedy cannot be better than the illness. We would have to face it or simply face further planetary degradation and a continues use of our potentials by other entities as if we were limited to the category of "resources."We may have many great untapped potentials and the story of who we are may not have been really told. We may even have the potential to quickly catch up and surpass most ETI 'visiting' us and -according to messages received within Mision Rahma - that may be why we are so inherently respected as, in fact, our potentials my originate in a "cosmic plan" of high spiritual origins for which several advanced civilizations came together to contribute genetic-energetic material.
Through a conscious, voluntary interaction with communicative ETI the circular logic of denial (leading ETI to act covertly and furtively in turn leading to further denial) could be broken. Then, we could also understand the variety of ETIs conducting more overt experiments on us (whether they were involved in our biological foundations as some of the human-looking benevolent claim to have been) not in order to eliminate them but to assist them as equals as a more conscious species. We would understand under what circumstances the various ETI groups cooperate and-or compete, which ones agree not only with the procedures but with the deepest goals of a much taunted “Confederation.” We would find which ETIs do not agree with those goals but nonetheless have a level of consciousness with which they follow procedures and also have the 'right' to intervene on Earth. We would find out under what circumstances we can assert our rights over theirs gaining in sovereignty and self-government on a planetary-inter planetary scale.

As suggested, in the near future social practices should also legitimize not only non-conventional scientific research but also non-conventional human-extraterrestrial contact research. What we need is an integrative approach to these matters. It is time to bring together working, useful intelligent approaches that, due to dichotomous thinking, have seemed incompatible and have not come together in a careful (objective, subjective and intersubjective) way. What can arise from this is not only “scientific contacteeism” but also “experimental ufology” and, in this case, with increasing degrees of cooperation from ETI, we could have more opportunities to measure energy fields and other aspects related to various scientific theories that may begin to explain the “transphysical” and-or “interdimensional” nature of a vaster cosmic reality. The bulk of the effort, of the coming together and research would fall upon our shoulders, not upon the “space brothers” (a perfectly valid term; why not use it?) who are not here to “save us” as is often generalized among intellectuals and researchers that want to deny contacteeism first without carefully, respectfully verifying.

Besides the good work done so far by many serious ufologists conducting research with objective scientific strategies, we can indeed look forward into obtaining more direct forms of evidence by working closely with the few serious and mentally balanced, intelligent, voluntary, conscious contactees interacting with ETI varieties that seem to be more respectful of our normal reality processes and expectations as well as being more communicative. These contactees would also have to be sufficiently educated in world affairs to engage in the cultural dialogue required in today’s information-rich, interconnected world. These contactees would have to possess sufficient critical thinking skills while diminishing the “follow the leader” cult tendencies often arising among many associated enthusiasts and supporters. This time it has to be different. All actors involved (scientists, contactees, contactee supporters, the general public, “citizen scientists” and eventually political and cultural leaders today so careful not to lose their status) would have to ‘grow up’ and learn to reasonably connect with each other – and their qualitative and quantitative approaches - for a major cause that includes and transcends them all (including re-establishing the cultural basis of what it means to be ‘human’).

Most likely, well-meaning, mentally balanced citizens will take the lead first. Through specific credible contactees that have provided some degree of reasonable objective evidence and through their psychic-psychological-ethical, group-based contact methods (however “naïve” and “soft” they may seem) there may rise opportunities both for accredited scientists and for objective “citizen scientists” to verify contacts; to interact and communicate with ETI (and-or to verify interactions and communication events) first hand. That is important and that is a possibility.

Nonetheless, I think that the contactees and contact groups chosen to work with should generally speaking not rely on forms of voice channeling typical of the New Age movement. I understand that genuine telepathy and telepathic psychography are not only more respectful of human dignity but can also be accurate and through them the contact can also be verified for instance through consecutive and simultaneous communication receptions, synchronicities and sufficiently unequivocal verification sightings. However, to be fair I must say that it is known that psychiatrist Mario Dussuel from Chile carried on some proactive scientific contact experiences through the use of voice channeling. He requested a particular extraterrestrial group to provide a way to analyze the substance of “foo fighters” and apparently was soon given a sample through another person and the analysis was performed.

The Fear

The fear of being made fun of by peers and then shunned from academic funding sources while being an accredited scientist functioning within the “elite gild” of officially-sanctioned professional knowledge has been a powerful deterrent for serious research into the best kind of contacteeism possible. Besides all contact cases whether capable of providing physically verifiable evidence or not have been placed into the same bandwagons of the “nuts cases” the “fringe,” the “wishful thinkers” or the “con artists.” There simply is a stubborn social and psychological resistance to consider something as crucial like the evidence that we are being actually “visited” by ETI, especially through means outside of recognized academic methods. It is accompanied by forms of FEAR but fear can be overcome especially when there's recognition of an important need.

Moreover, normal scientific training already mentally 'programs' scientists against major challenges to variations on a materialist worldview, even more so if they remind them of “other worldly” issues that were taken on faith when organized religion ruled before the scientific revolution. Thus, issues are confounded and few critical thinkers are willing to sift the wheat from the chaff. While all of this has played against what could be the greatest historical discovery of our times leading to a much needed reassessment of who we are as a species there is still an opportunity to do something about it.

Let me state that I also admire the work of scientists revealing the cosmos in objective, conventional ways. Their revealing of patterns in the known physical universe may extend by similitude or relate to a multi-level cosmos and also allow us to understand “reality” and life as all discoveries complement. In fact, directly connecting with ETIs through alternative telepathic and contactee means may not necessarily reveal all there is to know or we need to know as some ETIs may want to avoid propitiating co-dependencies or not be willing to inform us of everything they know. Other ETI may be willing to continue with their abduction and reproduction procedures as long as we hold on to ignorance. Thus scientific research (also open to an open dialogue with the humanities and social sciences) should remain as important as contacteeism to develop a more complete, self-generated understanding and a sense of personal or "human species" worth after disclosure. In other words, after official contact or a major disclosure step we will still have to work hard.

In time the scientific premises under which scientists operate will have to become more inclusive to accommodate psychic events related with physical yet "other worldly" events in a coherent and reasonable manner. We need to learn to combine all approaches that produce verifiable results even if we need to think in a way that expands what “science” means, for instance by including the role of psychic influences across physical levels perhaps through the modification of quantum probabilities.

Social pressure on modern institutions – themselves based on a sum of influential expectations and needs - can change from the often prevailing indifference to a stronger, wide spectrum demand for academicians to provide answers on what is really going on. Any major UFO sighting event may set this ablaze or curiosity may be picked through the exploits of a new breed of “citizen scientists” providing disconcerting, much needed, paradigm-busting evidence. It could also happen through the correlated evolution of the UFO & ET contact phenomenon itself.

Recognizing a benefit to their careers "taking the lead" would motivate politicians seeking recognition and prestige to come out to the fore, to update themselves on the facts and to declare that these phenomena do indeed have an intelligent, unconventional and objective component. Then some degree of disclosure may follow suit from "those few most intimately in the know" (some perhaps rich and powerful enough to secretly benefit themselves and-or their countries from the technologies) or perhaps degrees of official recognition could proceed from culturally-leading governments and from economic powerhouses (like China) willing to at least officially admit that there's something 'special' (implying ‘not from this earth) going on…that this ‘special’ thing seems intelligent and in possession of advanced unorthodox procedures, knowledge, technology. The motivation may also be to look good amongst peers and to take the lead in world and cultural affairs.

If prestige were then perceived as academically likely in association to the UFO and the ETI-as-visitors issues, then some university decision-makers would likely overcome denial/dismissal and start funding objective research. This, in turn would pressure more scientists to take a look into UFOs changing their minds from having to deal with a humorous and shameful issue to something potentially important and prestigious even if current, conventional scientific theories do not seem to be able to offer understanding about the strangest data on the subject. After social permission is granted questioning theory will be permitted and well-known arguments about science being an open process, open to empirical reality and evolving temporary explanations will be flashed.

The Next Step

The next step is to try to develop rapport with the extraterrestrial entities willing to establish a dialogue, allowing us to verify their presence. it is an experimental, empirical step. 'They' may be willing not only to appear with their craft at a set place, date and time but to eventually – for instance - facilitate us filming or taking pictures of their vehicles, perhaps during daytime.

Various degrees of success have already taken place as per public verification through the efforts of contactee Sixto Paz Wells and others associated with a contact experience first ushered in the 1970’s. In these events reporters have occasionally been able to witness and-or film anomalous aerial objects which could well be trans-dimensional extraterrestrial space-time vehicles. When one expects a sighting to occur, through adequate preparations one's possibilities as a researcher multiply. Imagine being able to triangulate and film on different wavelengths. Imagine being able to ask for particular movements of the craft and to record intelligent responses.

However, accredited scientists may not be the only ones ushering in recognition of the ETI contact reality. Both “citizen scientists” and contactees applying themselves in a scientific manner are also able to bring in sufficient undeniable evidence that something “real” (or at least at times physically real in our particular reality frame) and unconventional/beyond current orthodox theoretical explanations is actually happening.  science is not the exclusive purview of an accredited group. Then, however serious and interesting evidence has been gathered, an academic interest in actually communicating with ETI and not just through radio waves or visibly signaling (taking dozens or thousands of years for a response) may ensue.

ETI could be tentatively or actually recognized as being physically capable of interacting here on Earth either at will or, at least, occasionally and we would have to come to terms with its legal status in ETI terms as much as with our legal status (or analogous concept) according to their procedures and understandings. We would have to come to terms with the likely fact that “they” have been coming and going before we even thought about what a “legal status” in modern terms was. We would have to consider that perhaps “they” (how many? why?) have influenced our cultural and biological evolution over eons. They may have made mistakes; they may have been helpful. Now it's time for us to define who we are and what we choose in greater awareness of facts. For that we would have to learn to communicate with them and carefully verify and find out.

Should we call this step in active research “ACETI” (Active Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence)? Perhaps but beyond more acronyms what matters is the concept. Should citizens (and not only government representatives) engage in a more scientific, proactive contactee Ufology? Yes, I think so because if we take claims of contact springing up in contactee research, actual communication seems to be already going with individuals everywhere.


It is time to combine science with psychic, subjective and inter-subjective means; to combine measurement devices and the scientific method with serious and coherent mental, hermeneutical and group-based efforts especially if all of them lead to verification and empirical data. It is time to grow up and to think inclusively. The contact experience itself doesn’t need to be limited to individuals without scientific training. It can be both with a subjective-intersubjective approach as well as a careful, objective evidence-gathering approach. it is time to make progress through integration.

Through sincere contactees and the alleged ETI working with them and willing to communicate more openly and clearly gradually providing world-class evidence we can indeed expect and repeat contact and communication events. We can go from UFO and contact research after the facts to EPR (extraterrestrial presence research); from a passive Ufology to an active, experimental one. That is the purpose and proposal of this essay.

Knowing when and where trans-dimensional extraterrestrial space-time vehicles may become detectable would give accredited scientists and “citizen scientists” time to prepare for more careful data gathering including the use of measurement devices such as infrared, gamma ray, x ray, detectors. Perhaps the decay of micro black holes into gamma rays and KK gravitons expected by theorists like Robert L. Schroeder can be tested. Or perhaps other instrumental detections related with rate of time differentials will lead us to develop or upkeep other theories concerning the functioning of extraterrestrial vehicles. The role of consciousness, the subconscious, premonition, why some individuals can clearly see an ETI vehicle and someone next to them cannot could come to be understood as part of the natural contact mechanisms.

Also, as Seth Shostak and other scientists already suggested, simultaneous photographic attempts at a set known distance between two cameras could be attempted preferably during daytime and with some clouds for reference (with the consent of ETIs) and this would be useful to triangulate the distance from the ETI objects establishing that they are indeed three dimensional and of a certain size as they become detectable in our spacetime “frequencies” and reality.

I take the proposal of working with bona fide contactees and willing extraterrestrial entities as an enhancement of already interesting and partially successful CE-5 methods (as those propounded by Dr. Steven Greer and similar) because of the particularity of being able to basically know who the ETI are, and when and where they would manifest. This would lead to a more repetitive, experimental opportunity and genuine contactees would already have a personal relationship with beings that have demonstrated a form of behavior that would be easier to assimilate.

What is need the most is not to dismiss offhand the requirement to work in a respectful manner with the finest available contactees, whether we agree or not with their ideologies or with their more qualitative subjective-inter-subjective methods. We all need to grow up: contactees, accredited scientists and citizen scientist; then, also the general public, other cultural leaders and politicians. What is needed is simply a mutually respectful, inclusive attitude and the coming together of the possibilities we already have at hand. We need to respect all useful approaches. Once again: we need to grow up.

Increased, objective interactions connected with cultural extraterrestrial information would also inform our exopolitical considerations. We could assign more credence to some of the information imparted, information about cosmic history, human history and the structure of an intelligent cosmic community.  Both accredited scientists and “citizen scientists” would respect the interphase between subjective and objective methods such as group meditations which (whether appreciated or not by classical mechanicist scientists) may increase physical reality interphases through inter-subjective coherence and precise telepathy. Practical, empirical results that remain on record and that can be analyzed would overcome the scientifist prejudice favoring positivism against the possibility of directly affecting some types of physically verifiable phenomena in an interactive physical-subjective “space” not limited to a rigid external material reality. Even the possibility of scientists experiencing some degree of verifiable contact themselves (perhaps through what could be called “interdimensional portals”) should be allowed.

However resisting conventional and traditional perspectives may be may the next reasonable phase of research into scientific contacteeism gradually and carefully manifest with success. I really think it is first of all…POSSIBLE. Due to its potential importance it should be attempted.

Scientific contacteeism would give us a better way to verify and understand the nature of human-ETI interaction, the science, history and purposes of this interaction besides being a mature step forward for humanity. While challenging to our worldviews, and possibly politically destabilizing to a certain extent, not facing the challenge would probably turn us into an unviable species, incapable of facing planetary challenges as a whole and good candidates for insterspecies replacement. Facing the issue squarely will not necessarily be destructive as the "Brookings Report" suggested since we also have cases of constructive contact between our own Earthly cultures at different technological levels (Admiral Zheng He and his large commercial fleet from the Ming Dynasty comes to mind). Even contact between the New World and the Europeans wouldn't necessarily have been as destructive if the more advanced civilization hadn't suppressed the cultural leaders. Cultural adaptability is a strong human trait, stronger than what the mavericks writing the report considered. Transculturation (a term coined in 1947 by anthropologist Fernando Ortiz describing a gradual, non-destructive incorporation of cultural values) can be robust. However, syncretism can also be robust and beneficial as it is based on both adaptation, discovery of new values and choice. Dismay is not the only option since with the proper mindset cultures can truly benefit from each other. If we find connecting principles that may apply to various levels of complexity we may also be able to relate constructively with information made available through contact experiences.

However, given that most people may not be serious enough, nor ethically motivated or sufficiently relaxed and easy-going for full-blown, open contact interactions with most any kind of ETI (including the variety of ETI that appears to be more communicative and supportive of our own free development), most likely the process would have to be gradual. Researchers and contactees would first need to learn to work together for a common planetary-level cause overcoming prejudices and jealousies, being humble enough to learn from each other and from their (previously perceived as incompatible) methodologies while fine-tuning and correcting the excesses found in their own partial approaches. We would need to value physical, mental and spiritual methods and discoveries in a non-reductionist, multi-modal, integral way and would have to work with transdisciplinary principles subjacent to qualitative and quantitative approaches toward ‘reality’.

Both skeptical, materialist scientists claiming that there’s "little evidence" or even (quite disdainfully) “no shred of evidence” that we are being ‘visited’ and small segments of humanity claiming to already be in voluntary contact with ETI (in fact, yes, every so often as misinterpreting “true believers,” lacking sufficient objectivity, critical thinking and a scientific approach) would have to come together as their exclusivist attitudes are becoming insufficient and passé. The issue is real and transcends the interpretation mechanisms of either way of thinking. Moreover, the time to include subjective, intuitive, psychic, mental, and inter-subjective methods also capable of connecting human-ETI contact with the externally objective methods of empirical science has already begun since at least some members of modern, formal institutions have (like the press and a few academicians) have witnessed and-or filmed some of the sightings.

The gradually verifiable findings of these research, contact and interaction procedures would help us to make better informed exopolitical decisions impinging on the human future at large. We need to know and we can know.