1founderslide_rudyDr. Rudy Schild: Dr. Schild is the Executive Director of FREE and a member of its Board of Directors.  Dr. Schild is an Emeritus research astronomer at the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, following an extensive career studying Dark Matter, Black Holes, and the fluid mechanical origins of Cosmic Structure. Dr. Schild has published over 300 peer-reviewed academic articles on Astrophysics.  Because of his long association with Dr. John Mack he has become interested in the formulation of a coherent understanding of the nature of space-time in the Universe, and is a champion of the Edgar Mitchell quantum hologram formulation of the nature of existence and reality. As Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cosmology he has attempted to broaden the scope of scientific inquiry to include the nature of consciousness and the Universe of Universes. http://journalofcosmology.com/Contents14.html

His astronomy website is www.cfa.harvard.edu/~rschild and his personal website is www.rudyschild.com.  Rudy resides in Cambridge, MA.