dr-leo-sprinkle-2Dr. Leo Sprinkle is considered Dean of Research on ET Contact Research since his first study in this arena in 1961. He has a Ph.D. and is an Emeritus Professor of Counseling Services, University of Wyoming.

Dr. Sprinkle is the author of Soul Samples (1999, Granite Publishing) and has published several encyclopedia entries; a half dozen book chapters; and approximately 50 articles on various topics, including: UFO research; ESP; Hypnosis; Reincarnation; Spiritual Emergence; counseling theory and practice.

His ground-breaking pioneering research investigating the UFO "abduction" field began in the mid-1960s and set the standard for research in this field of study. He has participated in many regional and national television programs, including ABC TV's That's Incredible, NBC TV's Tom Snyder, Tomorrow Show and has been invited to speak at numerous international conferences.

He founded the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference held every June in Laramie, WY and he is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Association for Counseling and Development; and the Association for Past-life Research and Therapies.

Dr. Sprinkle lives in Laramie, Wyoming.